LETS START WITH FEEDBACK (Borrowed from Writers Workshop):

Even though we’re beginning with an analysis piece, we’ll use it to launch our first real round of deep sharing & feedback. So, for this first round, we’ll keep it relatively simple by watching the “Brief” & “Master Chef” videos & we’ll use this formula for feedback:

  • I LIKE… (Provide something SPECIFIC you like about the writer’s piece)
  • I WISH… (Provide something SPECIFIC you wish the writer would have done differently)
  • I WONDER…(Provide something SPECIFIC you wonder about the piece)

We’ll see if we can pull this off digitally, or if we need to resort to good ol’ fashioned paper & pen feedback.

AND…. as we get more sophisticated, I’d like you to read these articles on giving good feedback (again, some borrowed from a Writers’ Workshop setting). Feel free to get started whenever it works for you, but please find time before our NEXT round of sharing.

(NOTE: The last link provides context for the SFWC link handout, so you can just peruse it for enriching nuggets if you find it helpful.)

NOTE: Our feedback/critique approach should not be one of “What’s wrong with this speech?” but rather “What can I contribute to help make this speech better?” A good strategy would be to begin with the structure of the speech, how it’s put together, what follows what & in what form, rather than beginning with “This didn’t work for me….”

Helping Our Peers AND Ourselves….