SpeechWelcome to our SPEECH page. Here you’ll find some of the resources needed to wade deep into the wondrous waters of our class. We’ll experience some works by well-known and well-versed speakers, we’ll prepare & share some of our own speeches, we’ll talk about speaking, analyze speaking, then talk some more. It’s a SPEECH class, after all, and one that requires the spoken word. So, fill those lungs, loosen up that larynx & those lips, and prepare those pipes for some powerful speaking experiences!

Public speaking is not easy for anyone. It will be hard work and, at times, nerve-wracking. But we will approach it as a learning community. All for one & one for all, or something like that.

Mostly, I am hopeful that our experience will be enjoyable and enriching and one of growth for us all. I am excited to share this brief experience with you & watch you flourish as you continue to find your voice.

Course Materials

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(One last question: How does a PODCAST fit into all of this speech exploration?)


Some Go-To Resources for SPEECHES:

Some Go-To Resources for SPEAKERS:


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And, of course, we must have the requisite HUGE collection of enriching (and maybe entertaining) articles & other resources….